Monthly Archives: June 2012

Raspberry Pi has arrived

My first Raspberry Pi arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m very excited.

To get me started, I’ve decided to do a smaller preliminary project on it. It will be quite simple and consist of some minor software development and connecting a few LED lights to it.

I’ve already flashed the SD drive and booted it up using my mobile phone’s charger to see that it actually works, which it does. Next I’ll try to find a separate power adapter for it and then attempt to compile some C++ code on it. I’m curious how difficult it will be to port what I wrote on my PC to the ARM platform.

Mr. Basic has been assembled

I assembled Mr. Basic a couple weeks ago. It took somewhere between 1-2 hours and didn’t require much except a couple small screw drivers.

It’s absolutely tiny and not much to look at. So I’m a bit disappointed. I probably should’ve gone for a higher scale model. But this will do for now.

I tested the motors and they work, which is great. Unfortunately, some of the axels are too tight and the wheels barely turn. I’ll have to adjust this at a later date.