Monthly Archives: February 2012


Today I made a couple of orders:

  • The Dagu Mr. Basic robot platform from a seller on ebay
  • Several miscellaneous things from Soldering equipment, multimeter, a couple servos, etc.

Now the wait begins. The first batch of Raspberry Pis should be ready Feb 20th. And hopefully I will be able to get an order in with the first batch. I don’t know the status on the Gertboards yet.

What to buy?

I’m in the process of putting together a list of hardware to purchase for my project. Until the Raspberry Pi is released (which should be a couple weeks from now), the most important piece of hardware I’ll be acquiring is likely the mobile platform of the rover – i.e. wheels and motors.

Right now it’s between Dagu’s Mr. Basic for around $30:

Or Dagu’s Rover 5 for around $65:

While I’m pretty confident Rover 5 is the better one of the two, this will likely come down to price. And my policy at this stage in the project is “as cheap as possible”.

Electronics Projects for Dummies

Picking this up at the library after work today:

Looking at the contents of it, it should provide me with some much needed reminder of the basics of electronics. Haven’t touched that stuff since university.